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Pakistan to grant amnesty to former PML-N leaders

Pakistan’s new Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced that the country will grant amnesty to former PML-N leaders who have been convicted of corruption.

Speaking on the occasion at the inauguration ceremony of his cabinet, Imran Khan said that those who were involved in corruption cases would not face any punishment if they gave up their assets before coming out of jail. He added that this was a “generous” and “noble” gesture by him towards those who had been convicted for their crimes against society.

Imran Khan also made clear that he would not allow anybody from his own party or even from outside politics to occupy any position in government without first clearing it through proper procedures. Moreover, he said that all ministers should resign if there is any issue related to their conduct during campaigning for elections held earlier this year.”All ministers should come clean on what happened during election campaigns,” he said while talking about corruption issues facing his new administration.”If anyone is found guilty then they should resign,” he added while addressing reporters after taking oath as Prime Minister today evening at Aiwan-e-Sadr (APC) House in Islamabad.”We don’t want people who have done wrong things with our money,” Mr Khan said adding:”Everything we are doing right now is toward improving lives of people living here… I promise you one thing: We will repay loans taken by us ten times over within five years time frame because these loans were taken after some bad days when we needed money badly.”

Pakistani doctors launched protest against ‘lousy’ pay package

The doctors were protesting against the government, which they said was not paying them enough to support their families. They also complained that they were not getting paid at all.

The doctors were protesting in front of Parliament House in Islamabad today (Tuesday).

Pakistan announces high commission in Egypt

Pakistan has announced a high commission in Egypt. A high commissioner will be appointed to represent Pakistan, while the deputy high commissioner and charge d’affaires will be posted there as well.

Former PM Nawaz Sharif acquitted of corruption charges

Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was acquitted of corruption charges by the Supreme Court on Friday.

The decision came after an investigation into the Panama Papers revealed that there was no evidence to suggest that he had any involvement in money laundering.

Nawaz Sharif, who has been accused of owning assets overseas, was disqualified from holding public office in July 2018 by then President Arif Alvi for failure to file income tax returns over a decade from 2005-2017. The case against him was further weakened when his daughter Maryam Nawaz challenged her own conviction for corruption charges and claimed that she had never owned any property abroad or received any funds illegally while serving as Pakistan’s first female prime minister between 2013-2017.

Supreme Court rules in favour of girl, who had been harassed on basis of her identity

The Supreme Court has ruled in favour of a girl who was harassed on the basis of her identity.

The case dates back to 2016, when a school teacher had allegedly asked her to remove her headscarf and accept being called by that name instead. The girl refused to do so and left the classroom crying after his comments made her feel uncomfortable.

PM Imran Khan’s first foreign trip after assuming office ends in disaster

Pakistan’s new prime minister Imran Khan has faced a series of setbacks since taking office more than a month ago. The latest: a visit to France that ended in disaster on Sunday, when his entourage was caught up in protests by workers at an industrial site and had their visas revoked by authorities.

Khan visited Renault-Nissan’s assembly plant in Flins, near Paris, where he met with company executives and workers during his first trip abroad as premier. He then attended an event marking Pakistan Day at the Elysee Palace before heading back to Pakistan where he faces growing criticism for what many see as his inability to manage domestic politics effectively enough for him to meet even modest international goals like securing peace talks with militants from rival India or ending drone strikes against militants which have killed hundreds since 2016

The news is all about Pakistan

The news is all about Pakistan.

The news is all about the country.

The news is all about the people.

The news is all about culture and economy of Pakistan, politics and more…


Pakistan is the country that has been in news for a long time now. And the recent events have only added more to this list. The new government of Imran Khan has made some surprising decisions, which will definitely affect Pakistan in many ways and I am sure you are looking forward to reading these latest updates as well.

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